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Business Consultancy

Prestantia offers tailor made solutions to a wide range of businesses. We work with you to achieve your specific business goals and objectives. Quite often companies do not simply require a standard solution or off-the-shelf answer to something they need that little bit extra. Prestantia has a wealth of experience in working with SMEs and medium to large organisations, both in the private and public sectors, supporting and steering businesses with their strategic growth strategies.

Employment and Industrial Relations

Prestantia can provide support and advice on workplace relations and the relevant legislation that affects the employer-employee relationship. We provide strategic …more

Employment Contracts

Prestantia Consulting can develop employment agreements that best suit your relationship and situation with your employee. Every employee …more

Change Management

Prestantia encompasses a number of techniques to achieve sustained improvement through change management. Change management is …more

Health and Safety

Prestantia Consulting offers both practicable and achievable health, safety and environmental sustainability solutions to suit your organisation. We provide …more

Psychometric Assessments

Prestantia understand that the strength and productivity of successful organisations lies with people. Therefore we use a range of assessment tools …more

Talent Management

Talent Management is the process of developing and integrating new workers, developing and keeping current workers and attracting highly skilled workers …more

Performance Management

Prestantia Consulting Ltd. will assist your organisation in designing a streamlined, straightforward and tailored performance management systems that …more

Project Management

Prestantia Consulting provides project management consulting, training, and resources to help organisations improve performance and deliver …more

Process and Systems Development

Prestantia services are intended to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Human Resources function. These services incorporate …more

HR Audits

Prestantia Consulting Ltd will prepare a comprehensive report of the audit findings with recommendations that are prioritized to assist your organisation …more

Professional Supervision and Mentoring

Prestantia can provide a customised programme for Managers and Team Leaders designed to provide practical hands-on guidance as well as theoretical …more


At Prestantia we are trained to investigate and report on the facts of the case to the person or body charged with making a decision, under the …more

Career Transition & Outplacement Services

Downsizing? Prestantia offers a full Career Transition & Outplacement service. We can build customised outplacement programmes which supports …more

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